How to Start a Blog For Free in 2023 And Earn From It

I have experimented with blogging for years now and have learned the ins and outs of creating a successful blog. In this post, I will share my journey of starting a blog for free and learning how to monetize it to earn an income from my passion.

What is a blog?

A blog is an online journal or informational website where one can post updates, opinions, experiences and more on a regular basis. Setting up a blog is affordable and accessible for anyone with internet access. Blogs allow creators to establish themselves as authorities on their chosen topics.

Start a Blog For Free

Essentials For creating blog:

While you don't need any technical skills to start a blog, here are a few essentials to get started:

  • Blogging platform - Popular free options are, or Wix. These have built-in templates so you don't need coding experience.

  • Domain name - Though not required initially, it gives your blog a professional address like Domains are cheap, around $10-15 annually.

  • Content - The most important element. Jot down topic ideas you're passionate and knowledgable about.

  • Title, description & keyword research - Optimise your blog for search engines by including target keywords.

  • Basic customization - Learn how to add images, change colors/fonts using the platform's tools.

Things To start:

Once you've set up your free blog, focus on introspective areas:

  • Publish consistently - 1-2 high quality posts weekly makes blog viable for earning.

  • Engage with community - Welcome comments and questions to foster discussion.

  • Promote on social media - Share your latest posts on Twitter, Facebook and other networks to gain followers.

  • Continue learning - Read industry blogs to stay updated on trends and improve skills.

How to Earn From Blog?

With focus and consistency, monetization opportunities open up within 6-12 months like:

Promote an affiliate product:

Popular affiliate programs let you earn a commission by promoting others' products/services through links/banners on blog. Start with Amazon Associates for cashback on recommendations.

Sell ad space:

Use Google Adsense or other ad mediators to display relevant ads. A few hundred visits daily can start generating some income passively.

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Write sponsored posts:

Leverage your expertise and reach to write paid posts for brands in your niche. Negotiate based on traffic and engagement metrics.

Sponsored social content:

Monetize social profiles through promoted tweets/posts in collaboration with businesses.

Site sponsorship:

Approach companies to sponsor the entire blog for an extended period in exchange for branding and promotions.

How to Earn $10,000 per month from blogging?

It may sound ambitious but is achievable with the right strategy. Focus on building an authority niche site with 10,000+ monthly visits. Publish evergreen content around micro-niches for search traffic. Leverage multiple monetization methods mentioned earlier. Invest 20% earnings to further promote the blog through paid ads on social networks. Be consistent with high quality content and community engagement to scale revenue exponentially over time.

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Starting a blog is free and within anyone's reach today. With the right plan focusing on valuable content, audience engagement and diversified monetization channels, it is very possible to generate a full-time income through blogging within a year or two. Commit to continual learning and stay updated with industry changes. Most importantly, write about topics you're passionate about so that the journey remains enjoyable.


Can you make money from blogging in 2023?

Yes, blogging is still a viable way to earn passive income if done right. Focus on creating high-quality content around micro-niches.

Can I start a blog for free and make money?

Yes, there are free blogging platforms like that allow you to set up a blog at no cost. Monetization may take 6-12 months with regular posting and promotion.

How do I make my blog 2023 successful?

Focus on topics people search for. Publish quality, original content regularly. Engage your audience on social media. Optimize for SEO and diversify monetization channels over time.

How do I start a 100% free blog?

Use a free blogging platform and select a basic template. Choose a domain name but avoid purchasing for now. Start publishing content consistently to build an audience.

Do blogs pay money?

Yes, there are various ways bloggers can monetize their sites, like affiliate marketing, ads, sponsorships, coaching/consulting and selling digital/physical products. Earnings depend on blog traffic and niche. Consistent quality content is key.

How to get 1,000 views per day on blog?

Focus on topics with high search volumes. Publish multiple times a week. Optimize titles/content for keywords. Get backlinks through high authority sites. Promote consistently across social media platforms. Engage your followers by answering comments and questions.

How to get 10 million views in 90 days?

It is challenging but can be achieved by focusing on viral content around trending topics. Optimize titles/images for sharing. Promote widely on social media daily. Collaborate with influencers in the niche. Guest post on popular forums/platforms to get backlinks. Leverage social media advertising if the budget allows. Consistency is important.

Does Google Blogger pay?

While the free Blogger platform itself does not pay users, it is possible to monetize blogs hosted on Blogger through Google AdSense by displaying relevant ads. Consistent quality content is important for adequate AdSense earning over time. Other monetization techniques like affiliate marketing also apply to Blogger blogs.

How to earn $10,000 per month from blogging?

It takes focused effort but is achievable. Publish multiple times weekly around profitable micro-niches. Optimize titles/content for SEO. Get links from high authority sites. Engage followers across social networks. Leverage affiliate marketing, ads, sponsorships well. Invest 20% earning in promoting high-value content through social media ads initially. Scale revenue channels continually and earnings may touch $10,000/month within 1-2 years.

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