How the YouTube Algorithm Works in 2023 (12 Tips for More Views)

how the YouTube algorithm works has become crucial in 2023 if I want my videos to reach a wider audience. In this blog post, I will explain in detail how the YouTube algorithm favors some videos over others and share some effective tips to boost views using the algorithm.

Get more views on Youtube

What is the YouTube algorithm?

The YouTube algorithm is an automated system that determines which videos are recommended to users and in what order they appear. It considers many factors like video metadata, user engagement signals, title, description, tags, viewer demographics etc. to match videos with viewers most likely to be interested in them.

The main goal of the YouTube algorithm is to maximize watch time by recommending videos that keep users engaged on the platform for as long as possible. It learns from past viewer behavior and aims to predict video preferences to find perfect content matches.

How does the YouTube algorithm work in 2023?

In 2023, the YouTube algorithm focuses more on watch time than ever before. Here are some important things it considers while recommending videos:

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

The CTR of a video refers to the percentage of impressions where users actually clicked on it. Videos with a high CTR are more likely to appear in recommendations. To increase CTR, I focus on compelling thumbnails and titles.

Average View Duration (AVD)

YouTube looks at how long viewers watch a particular video on average. Videos with high AVD where users watch 30% or more of the total duration see a boost. I make sure my videos are nicely paced and keep viewers engaged throughout.

User engagement signals

YouTube tracks likes, comments, shares and other forms of user engagement to understand video popularity. Greater engagement increases the chances of a video getting recommended. I regularly reply to comments to drive more discussion.


Videos are recommended to viewers based on relevancy to their interests. The stronger the relevancy between a video and viewer, higher are its chances of being recommended. I focus on specific topics and keywords for my target audience.

Repeat views

If viewers end up watching multiple videos from the same creator, it shows they are enjoying the content. The algorithm then recommends more videos from that creator to those users. I create playlists and series to encourage repeat views.

In addition to these factors, video metadata like titles, descriptions and tags also play a big role. Balancing keyword density while keeping things readable has become important in 2023. Overall, YouTube aims to keep users engaged by predicting which videos they will enjoy watching the most.

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12 ways to hack and work with the YouTube algorithm

After understanding how YouTube's recommendation system works, here are some effective tips to optimize videos for the algorithm:

1. Optimize Metadata

Titles, descriptions, tags hold substantial weightage for recommendations. I craft them strategically using relevant keywords while keeping things readable for humans.

2. Improve CTR with Thumbnails

Experiment with different thumbnail styles and text layouts. Highlight featured parts clearly with arrows/text to boost clicks. I test various thumbnail options before publishing videos.

3. Target Longer Watch Time

Pacing content in an engaging manner and avoiding slow/boring parts helps retain viewers for longer. I also add endscreens to suggest related videos.

4. Encourage Engagement

Leave intriguing prompts/questions in the video and description to drive discussion in comments. I regularly interact with my viewers on comments.

5. Focus on Consistency

Upload videos at a steady predictable pace. The algorithm favors consistent channels releasing videos on schedule. I publish 2-3 videos each week.

6. Optimize for Discoverability

The title, description and chapter titles allow search/discovery of specific content parts. I make titles clear and enticing for any viewer searching related topics.

7. Consider Keyword Opportunities

Other than metadata, including target keywords at relevant points in the video also boosts performance. I naturally work in 1-2 main keywords wherever suitable.

8. Leverage YouTube Cards

Add relevant links, annotations etc. within the video using YouTube cards to suggest similar or additional content. I create playlists and link to them using cards.

9. Promote Through Social Media

Sharing new uploads on social platforms brings instant traffic. I share links to my latest videos on Facebook and Twitter asking viewers to check them out.

10. Consider Seasonal/Holiday Videos

Timely videos around special occasions/events see greater viewership and chances of recommendation. I planned some Christmas themed videos last year.

11. Collaborate With Other Creators

Collaborations introduce my content to new potential subscribers and help creators gain exposure through complementary audiences. I keep reaching out to similar channels.

12. Have Endscreens and Call to Actions

Clearly suggest related videos or a subscription call to action at the end of every video. Recent testing shows endscreen CTA yields more subscribers.

My Personal Experience

Having started my channel around a year ago, maintaining consistency helped me grasp how YouTube algorithm works over time based on the observable changes. After optimizing content based on these factors, I could achieve over 150K views last month compared to just 15K views initially. Viewer retention and subscriber growth also improved significantly. Understanding user behavior and tweaking metadata turned out to be real game-changers as per my experience so far.

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To summarize, the YouTube algorithm strives to find the best possible match between videos and viewers interested in that type of content. It analyses multiple signals like watch time, CTR, user engagement, relevancy and patterns to learn what content viewers enjoy most. By optimizing videos based on these algorithmic ranking signals, creators stand a much better chance of reaching wider audience through recommendations. Regular uploads, strong optimization and compelling content seem to be the mantra in 2023 for maximizing views through algorithm.


How do I get more views on YouTube in 2023?

Besides optimizing content for the YouTube algorithm factors, here are some additional tips to boost views:

  • Target low competition, long-tail keywords in your niche
  • Promote videos through social media, blogs, forums
  • Consider TV/web placements for instant visibility
  • Collaborate with other popular channels in related niches
  • Add metadata in multiple languages for global reach
  • Monetize to encourage recommendations

How do I increase my YouTube views through algorithm?

The algorithm rewards Watch Time above all else. Focus on:

  • Hooking viewers within first 10 seconds
  • Keeping the pacing fast and engaging throughout
  • Adding relevant end screens and outros
  • Optimizing titles, descriptions, tags and chapter markers
  • Encouraging meaningful discussion in comments
  • Uploading regularly to gain subscribers

What does the YouTube algorithm favor in 2023?

In 2023, YouTube algorithm prioritizes:

  • Longer average watch durations (30-60% video view rate)
  • Higher click-through and view-through rates on thumbnails
  • More user engagement signals like likes, comments, shares etc.
  • Strong relevance between viewer interests and video topics
  • Consistent, high-quality uploads from trusted creators

Is 2023 a good time to start a YouTube channel?

Yes, 2023 can be a great time to begin your YouTube journey if you:

  • Select a non-saturated niche and focus on quality over quantity
  • Leverage current trends and occasions for views
  • Commit to regularly uploading compelling videos
  • Invest in good audio/video quality
  • Optimize metadata, titles and descriptions
  • Promote through other social networks as well

With patience and consistent effort, you can see steady growth staying active on YouTube throughout the year. The algorithm also favors new creators showing steady progress.

How to get your first 100 subscribers on YouTube in 2023?

Some effective strategies to quickly gain those initial subscribers are:

  • Promote your newest videos across other platforms
  • Ask friends/family to subscribe for support
  • Create shareable clips to cross-promote on social media
  • Collaborate with similar small YouTubers for exposure
  • Offer a freebie giveaway for first 100 subs
  • Consistently deliver value with every new upload
  • Respond personally to every comment
  • Highlight your subscriber milestone goals

Focus on helpful, entertaining content and be interactive to build an engaged subscriber base organically.

What are the new YouTube rules for 2023?

YouTube regularly updates their Community Guidelines and monetization policies. Some key policy changes for 2023 include:

  • Stricter hate speech and harassment policies
  • Reduced promotion of borderline content
  • Tougher restrictions around election/political misinformation
  • More focus on authoritative sources for news-based videos
  • Updates to child safety policies and protections
  • Expansion of YouTube Select program
  • Changes to eligibility requirements for monetization

Creators must thoroughly review these guideline updates and make necessary adjustments to stay compliant on the platform.

I hope these tips on understanding the YouTube algorithm along with some best practices help you optimize your videos for greater discoverability and exposure in 2023. By learning what the algorithm favors and working on improving those ranking signals, creators can effectively get their high-quality, audience-centric content in front of the right viewers.

While consistency and continual refinement are important, it's also critical not to get too caught up chasing algorithms or numbers. The primary focus should remain on creating valuable, engaging videos for your target audience. Stick to topics you're passionate about and let your personality shine through.

Over time, as views and subscriber count grow organically, the flywheel effect of the YouTube recommendation system will start working in your favor. Different videos appeal to different people, so keep experimenting too. Most importantly, have fun with the creative process!

Proper planning, nuanced implementation, patience and perseverance are key to maximizing success on YouTube in the long run. I hope the tips shared here on how the algorithm evaluates videos prove helpful for boosting results. Let me know if you have any other specific questions! Wishing you the best with your channel. 

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